Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for something that doesn't cost that much to make? Microdermabrators have been selling extremely well in the U.S. since 1997 and due to this phenomenal sales growth the market has been flooded with "me too" microdermabrators.

Here is what you need to know. During the high point of the microderm growth phase in the U.S. there were three major manufactures; DermaGenesis, PowerPeel and Aesthetic Technologies / ATI (Parisian Peel). It was estimated that 1 out of every 3 practitioners using a microdermabrator at this time was using a system from one of these three manufacturers. Since then it is estimated that there are over 40 different manufacturers of microdermabrators trying to sell you a system claiming theirs is better than the previous one.

Here is a little secret - they all do the same thing in the end!

We have made it easy for you. Don't spend your hard earned money on "bells and whistles." We have teamed up with the former manufacturer of the DermaGenesis Microdermabrasion system to bring you wholesale priced systems.

Special Deals for our customers!

TheLaserTrader.com has a great deal for you!
For a limited time our customers can get a complete "DUAL" microdermabrator system for just $5,545!!!

Here's what you get -

  • Brand New system - The Skin Science Microderm (Regular Price $12,000)
  • Unit comes with 25 Procedure Pack which include 2 pyrex handpieces, 4 filters, tubing and 12 lbs. of Aluminum Oxide crystals (that's enough to perform approx. 25 procedures).
    • lifetime warranty - if you buy the consumables through the manufacturer
    • limitless over the phone support
    • please add $50.00 for standard ground shipping and handling within the continental United States
    • *NEW ADD ON MODULE - We upgraded the existing Skin Science Microdermabrator with a new Crystal Free Module - This includes the crystal-free diamond tip handpiece with three different size tips.
  • Now with one system you can perform both procedures (Crystal or Crystal-FREE)!
  • for an additional $495 you add 50 more Procedure Packs (for a total of 75 procedures)