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Alma Lasers
Year: 2016
Type: CO2
Wavelength: 10,600
(wavelengths may vary - see description)
SKU: 042317A
Price: $73,500.00 / OBO

  • Alma Femilift Pixel laser
  • Lightly used CO2 pixel fractional laser.
  • Great results and amazing customer satisfaction.
  • Accessories: Practitioner and patient glasses, FemiLift sleeves and handpiece attachment, FemiTight handpiece attachment, 7x7 and 9x9 skin resurfacing attachments, 50mm and 100mm surgical cutting attachments (for skin tag removals and vaginal skin removal for example), Vacuum hoses and buffalo filter
  • Handpieces: 6
  • General Condition: Like new
  • Ownership: Owned
  • Operator Manuals: Yes
  • Currently Under Factory Warranty : Yes
  • Original Boxes/Crate: Yes
  • Ships from NY

Indicated Uses:
(actual system indications/configuration may vary depending on options)
Ablative Skin Resurfacing
Non-Ablative wrinkle reduction
Service - Click here to check if service is available on this system.
Finance - $1,545/mo (price based on WAC and 60 month 10% finance)
Training - Certified Training available, starting at $1500.
Shipping/Handling - Estimated $640-$1000, contact us for exact cost.
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